I accompany you through the day is very bitter, you did not take good care of me, love me. I thought I would wait until that day when you said you love me, but I can't wait. Dear husband, you are my first and last man. When I am in this world, you will be my forever man. Dear husband, thank you for all you have done for me. I'm the one who dragged you down. I'm sorry. I'm gone. Take good care of yourself. Remember to change clothes often and smoke less. It's not good for your health. I'm sorry I didn't spend the last time with you. Dear husband, I finally kissed you gently in your face, it was a deep and long kiss. Let the tears of many years burst out at this moment. I'm gone. I'll take good care of our children underground. Don't worry. Your forever woman and man cried. He cried so sad for the first time. He embraced his dead wife affectionately. Think back to the past women's bitterness, think back to women's good. Tears trickled down a woman's pale, thin cheeks The man buried the woman. Buried with the children. He knelt in front of the woman's grave, cried and red his eyes, stroked his wife's tombstone and said, "honey, do you know? I don't know how much I love you until today. I love you, really, very much, very much. But I can't do my duty as a husband any more. I used to be very bad to you. Now I feel ashamed to think of it. Now I know how cold I am. This life owes you everything, the afterlife lets me repay you, if next life you still remember me. Wife, I love you. Did you hear that? I really love you "Wife" the man's face is close to the woman's tombstone, crying. Women can no longer hear. Past life, present life, afterlife. If I still remember you in the next life, please let me take good care of you and love you all my life, OK?